How to Achieve Your Goals (in 4 Simple Steps)

4 Key Steps to Achieving Your Goals


The bane of our existence.


Okay, but seriously—setting and achieving goals is how we get things done. I mean, even if you don’t intentionally or consciously set goals, they’re the things you work toward, the plans you make, the desires you have, the things you do.

But when we miss our goals? Man, that causes no end of disappointment, frustration, and self-doubt.

And it happens all the time. Why?

There are so many reasons. But what’s interesting is that there really is a simple solution!

It’s one of the things I’m most excited to share. Because the principles apply no matter who you are and no matter where you live. You can personalize it just for you—and they still apply.

So what’s this mystical answer I speak of?

The Success Staircase, or 4 Key Steps to Achieving Your Goals

The Success Staircase is my gospel-centered, action-oriented plan for achieving your goals. When combined with my Success Framework, it’s a powerful, personal plan to achieve your goals!

But let’s keep things simple here and focus on the four steps in the Success Staircase.

1. Set a Vision

Achieving a goal starts with clarity. What is it you want? Have you really thought about it with any detail? Can you see it? Can you smell it? Do you know what it looks like to get there?

When you take a few moments to dig a little, to capture with some clarity, what you’re after, whole worlds of clarity and purpose open up.

Too often we start—and stop—with just a vague notion about what we want and about what it looks and feels like to get there. And if we don’t know what it really feels like, how can we know if we’re making progress toward it, much less know if we’ve succeeded? Not having clarity is also one of the biggest reasons we doubt ourselves and fail.

So get clarity. What do you want, why do you want it, and what does it feel like getting there?

2. Identify Your Obstacles

Obstacles are anything that prevent you from achieving your goal—anything at all that causes you to miss it. They are things that trigger behavior that leads to failure.

So think about you and where you are. Now think about what choices you’ve made and the influences in your life that have led you to where you are. Next think about all the choices and influences that sidetrack you as you’ve made efforts toward your goal previously, or things you might encounter along the way.

Now that you’ve got clarity on what works against your success, you’re ready to create an action plan.

3. Build the Scaffolding of Your Success Framework

This is the beautiful plan. This is where you create specific steps that will allow you to overcome the obstacles you face and make consistent progress toward your vision. It’s also where most of the work takes place.

What this looks like depends on your vision and the obstacles you face.

You see, most people fail because they just decide they want to do something and then start doing it. But they don’t really know what it looks like, and they don’t really understand what would cause them to fail.

But you have a HUGE advantage now! Because you will create a plan that’s more than just the how-to guide to you goal. It’s also going to create steps to beat your obstacles. And that is massive!

So get to work. Build a plan that beats your obstacles!

Here’s another little secret: For me, the plan always involves prayer and connection to God. When I keep that focus, I improve my vision, increase my awareness, AND empower my confidence. Win-win-win!

4. Experiment

Now you might be thinking that you’re ready. And you are! Except, this is the part where you recognize that your plan may need adjustment. So try it out. See how it works.

AND don’t give up if you have setbacks!

You don’t know what you don’t know yet. So try the plan and be patient and gentle with yourself. Things may not go perfectly right away, or you might slip up a week from now after the initial emotional rush settles.

Because you’ll notice, if you pay attention, new obstacles. New influences. New challenges to your goal.

So go back to step one. Make sure you know your vision.

Then back to step two. Get clarity on this new intrusion.

Now back to step three. Modify your plan to adapt to this new circumstance!

Then step four. Experiment!

Keep Rocking It!

Now of course, there’s more to it. Personalizing it is the key, and to really make this work, you gotta be in charge, and you gotta do the work. But achieving our goals is not nearly as challenging or overwhelming as we make it out to be.

You can learn more about how to do this in my Success Staircase and Framework, which you can download here. It’s a great read.

So get out there, get clarity on what you want and make it happen. Step up to success and watch the awesomeness unfold!

PS: If you’re ready to gain vision on your goals and what you are called to do, gain clarity on the triggers that hold you back, and walk away with real strategy that will move you forward, download my Success Staircase and Framework. It’s a clear, holistic, and effective strategy you can start on—today!

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