Essential Tools for Weight Loss

When you really want to lose weight but nothing you try works, it’s not because you didn’t have enough willpower or self-control. It’s because you didn’t use the right tools.

If you don’t have the right tools, or if you ignore them, well, they can’t help you all that much!

And used in the wrong way . . . that’s a recipe for distraction, disruption, or even disaster.

But if you use the right tools in the right way? That almost always spell success.

A Case Study for Weight Loss Using the Right Tools

One of my clients was making great strides on her goal to lose weight. A big part of the strategy we developed included a diet plan (eating small portions regularly throughout the day and avoiding carbs and gluten), exercise (walking daily), and reviewing her power phrases regularly during the day to help her reinforce her vision and not yield to temptation.

Her diet was effective, her exercise routine was easy to accomplish, and her power statements were very effective at boosting self-image and self-control. She made progress.

That is, when she stuck to the diet.

Here’s what makes this interesting: we quickly discovered that the real problem wasn’t one of the weaknesses people usually expect to find in a failed diet plan: lack of self-control. She had that, and in abundance.

In fact, the real reason she struggled was something rather simple: she was busy. Trying to remember to eat on schedule and say her power phrases were hard to keep in the forefront of her mind.

What she lacked, essentially, was the right tool to help her implement her plan.

So we analyzed her life, checked out her resources, and settled on an amazingly simple tool that could serve her easily and efficiently for both problems.

Her phone!

The Power of a Good Tool

My client was already using an app on her phone to track calories. But this amazing little device could also remind her to eat on schedule and to say her phrases to keep her head in a good place.

So she got her phone out and starting using it to set reminders.

Simple, easy, effective.

And it worked. She ate right on time and said used her mental tools to focus and gain strength. And because she used them consistently, she began to rapidly lose weight. In fact, she lost more in that next month working with me than she had in the previous six months combined.

All because she used her Success Framework to help her focus on the challenges she personally faced, to become self-aware of the causes, and to find realistic solutions.

You often Don’t See the Problem

It may seem obvious, but when you’re in the thick of things and struggling to find your way, you don’t notice details, and even simple things don’t seem clear. When we started working together, my client had struggled for months because she didn’t have the right structure in place to realize what wasn’t working. She couldn’t see that the weakness in the plan was relying on memory. Nor could she see the mental fatigue she endured by trying to remember to do those things each day during an already very busy life.

Because of all of that, she also couldn’t see the solution.

You Have to Experiment

The tool was awesome. Still, at she couldn’t make the new plan work. The phone alarm would go off when she was busy; she’d turn it off, go back to what she was doing, and forget to eat.

So we upgraded her plan again. She set two reminders each time instead of just one, five minutes apart. That gave her a five-minute window between alarms to pause whatever she was doing so that when the second alarm went off, she was ready to shift gears.

A simple upgrade in her routine—using two alarms—made THE difference in her daily and weekly success. Within a week she was back on track, losing weight and feeling great about herself.

Get the Tools You Need

So when you’re trying to make progress on changing your life, upgrading your habits, or make complete your goals, stop and think about the tools you have available. What kinds of resources or technology would make it easier on you? And how can you turn those resources to your advantage?

One simple tool—like a reminder on your phone—can make all difference between success or failure.

Use tools to your advantage, experiment and evaluate how it’s going, and upgrade!

PS: To create a personalized Success Framework so you can find the right tools to lose the weight you want to lose, read my post, “How to Achieve Your Goals (in 4 Simple Steps)“, then download my Success Staircase and Framework (the link is on the page). It’s a clear, holistic, and effective strategy you can start—today

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