A Cure to Marketing Woes

Marketing. Another “ultimate frustration.” ‘Cause you got into writing because you love the craft, the story, the marvel that lights another’s eyes when you transport them to another world. And you have a story to tell—maybe a ton of stories. So what’s all this about having to sell your books yourself? Marketing? Blogging? Live videos? …

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Comparison Is a Killer

Imagine this scenario: You’re writing friend—you know, the one that you brought into your writing group just last year because you wanted to serve her as a new writer—just landed a huge 3-book deal, optioned movie rights, and is set for a huge national tour. Big checks will be rolling in, and she’s about to …

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Investing in Yourself

Today I’ve been home feeling a little under the weather. And since I’m home, I decided to take advantage of my time and watch some training videos by my mentor on body language and understanding the mentor’s mindset. And it totally jazzed me up! Yep, and I really needed that today, for two reasons: I …

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