Meet Josh

I’ve been a lot of things in my life: counselor, journalist, scholar, musical performer, novelist, landscaper.

But there’s one that’s brought me the most joy: being a success coach who helps people clarify the vision of what they really want, clear out the baggage that’s keeping them from getting there, and then implement a personal SUCCESS plan that actually leads to real, lasting results.

It’s been pretty cool!

But things haven’t always been easy — and getting the clarity to get there was a long road.

There Have Been Some Tough Spots

There was a point in my life a few years ago where I felt totally frustrated. I felt overlooked at work and career was a stalled disappointment. At home, I lost my temper with my kids a lot and felt like a big dad failure..

And frankly, my marriage was just . . . tense. We weren’t very happy. We felt stuck—committed and trying, but very much stuck in settling for unhappy in a relationship that was supposed to be forever.

And forever was starting to feel like a long, tedious, intense disappointment. Sounds pretty bad, huh?

Then something changed. It changed radically.

Real Change Can Happen Really Fast!

We attended a marriage seminar where I learned revolutionary concepts about personal happiness — and how to claim it in my life.

With the right knowledge, tools and techniques, my marriage literally went from blah to awesome overnight. I learned to control my temper with my kids — and they noticed that, too.

I know, I know — it sounds too good to be true. But it really was that sudden!

And what’s more, things with my job started to take a dramatic turn for the awesome, too. I became confident in me, and my coworkers felt it, and my boss tapped into it. Things became really, really cool.

As a result, I decided to pass on what I’d learned. I became trained as an elite performance and success coach. And I began to train people how to radically improve their lives.

Does That Work for Everybody?

But along the way I began to observe something — the change process for most people didn’t last. They had success for a time, but then faltered and didn’t know why.

And I realized something was missing from other coaching programs.

Most of us have been taught the power of prayer and connecting with God; that strength and guidance come from studying scriptures and worshiping at church; and the power of service. And that if we strive to be humble, we can have marvelously happy marriages, be great parents, and have joy in our jobs.

But in practice, it doesn’t seem to work quite that easily, does it? I mean, how do you DO humble?

And just implementing mindset techniques without an awareness of faith and without a knowledge of and a plan to address the forces that work against long-term success won’t bring real change, either.

So I did some research. A ton of research. And evaluated and tested and worked with clients until I finally discovered what those missing pieces were in a successful change program.

Building the Right Success Framework

That’s how I developed the Success Staircase and the Success Framework.

Simply put, this is a new, holistic approach to creating lasting change. In a nutshell, there are FOUR SIMPLE steps in the Success Staircase:

  • 1
    You evaluate your life and really clarify the dreams you want.
  • 2
    You identify the obstacles to your success and the triggers that cause you to fail.
  • 3
    You build a personalized success framework—focused on Jesus Christ—that builds vision, elevates mindset, and creates a customized, holistic plan for success.
  • 4
    You experiment with the Success Framework and adapt as you rise to new levels of joy and success.

The Success Staircase and Framework is simple, yet very powerful.

You can create your own Success Framework on your own. But you’ll do it a lot faster and have much greater success if you build it with a coach. So schedule a success discovery call with me and let’s see if we’re right to work with each other.

My clients get personalized coaching, the full extent of the Success Staircase and Framework, and a unique, personalized and customized program of success achievement.

When you work with me, you'll find personalized insights on how you adapt and grow, and you'll do it really fast.

But I only accept people who are serious about digging in and tackling really tough goals.

So if you’re ready for dramatic change and results in your life, click below and sign up for a FREE success discovery call and let's see if we're a fit. 

Let's make some REAL things HAPPEN!!!

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