2 Ways Obstacles Can Derail Your Goals (And What to Do about It)

Obstacles That Can Derail Goals

Ever get stuck trying to do something because no matter what you try, something else comes up to get in the way? Or you want to do it but realize you have no idea how to accomplish it? Doesn’t it sometimes feel like no matter what you’re trying to do, some kind of obstacles come up that try to derail you?

I was working with a client recently where both of these things happened. She’s working on a new book project but terribly busy (you know what that’s like, right?) 😉

And with all these obligations, she couldn’t figure out how to research the background material, plot out the story, develop the characters, and write—all the while taking care of her family, serving in her church, and striving to keep a positive attitude about the whole thing.

Yeah, pretty rough.

But as we coached together, we came up with specific solutions that allowed her to master the obstacles in her path, feel productive, and actually keep moving forward on her weekly goals.

It was awesome. Not just because she’s feeling ecstatic about her progress, but because she learned a new skill on how to recognize obstacles for what they are AND how to create a plan to get around them.

That’s the key to obstacles: recognizing what they are and then creating a plan to overcome them. That’s exactly what my Success Staircase teaches you to do.

You see, sometimes we recognize there are things we don’t know how to do, or things that can’t do. And we can get stymied by those things, particularly if we have an emotional crash because of them.

There are two categories obstacles I think you should look out for: things that get in the way of success, and things we don’t know how to do.

1. Obstacles That Get in the Way

A lot of times our path really gets blocked by things, whether physical, mental, or emotional. Your computer breaks; the power goes out; the plane is delayed; your child gets sick; your car needs a tune-up, and so on. There are things that occur that make it difficult or impossible to make any progress.

There are also resources you may lack. For example, something as simple as not having an app on your phone you need, or as complex or expensive as needing $10,000 for a medical bill. Sometimes these are simple fixes. Sometimes they require a lot of effort.

But the key here is to recognize that these kinds of things happen. A wise coach I’ve studied has said to be alert for the high probability of low probability events happening to disrupt progress.

An accident on the freeway may not affect your commute every day, but something like that very well might just when you need to be at a business appointment in ten minutes.

The point isn’t to be paranoid that these things happen; it’s in how we respond to these situations that we find peace and joy or frustration and discomfort. The choice is ours—and the solutions to those problems will be in direct proportion to our attitudes about them.

2. Things We Don’t Know How to Do

The other main type of obstacle to be on the alert for is things that you don’t know how to do. How often have you been stymied because you didn’t have the mental or emotional tools to handle a situation? or to figure out how to solve a problem or fix one?

Yep, happens all the time. And often when it does, we spiral.

Here’re a few examples:

  • You need to edit a video post, but don’t know the app
  • You have an appointment in a different city and don’t know how to get there
  • It’s time to cook dinner, but you don’t know what to prepare with what you’ve got on hand
  • Your children keep arguing and your attempts to calm the situation fall on deaf ears
  • You get a new responsibility at church and it kinda freaks you out.

Get the picture?

It’s not always that we can’t do something—sometimes it’s as simple as not knowing what to do that can create emotional havoc, lead to excuses and giving up.

But, once you’ve identified the real culprit of the emotional drain—and lack of knowledge—you can often act directly to address it. You can learn how to do it, get help to do it, or even delegate.

And that leads to real motion.

So don’t let obstacles stop you. Recognize them for what they are and take charge! You got this!

PS: If you’re ready to gain vision on your goals, clarity on the obstacles that get in your way, and create an effective strategy that will move you forward, read my post, “How to Achieve Your Goals (in 4 Simple Steps)“, then download my Success Staircase and Framework (the link is on the page). It’s a clear, holistic, and effective strategy you can start—today!

Obstacles That Can Derail Goals

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