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I help people change habits and achieve goals by implementing simple daily steps, exercising faith, and developing a positive mindset.

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I’m a success coach and elite performance trainer. 

I work with faith-based individuals who are seriously stoked about having real success in their lives. What kind of success, you ask? Actually and consistently meeting your goals, finding real satisfaction in your career, taking your marriage to a whole new level, and becoming the parent you always dreamed you could be. If you’re ready to work in those areas — then I’m the coach for you! When you work with me, we’ll:

  • Clarify your vision
  • Identify and neutralize your trigger moments
  • Build a gospel-centered, personalized Success Plan, and
  • Maximize all areas of influence in your life
  • So you can confidently achieve your dreams

Experiences from those who’ve worked with me

After ten years as a career author, I had hit a wall. Discouragement, a lack of motivation, and a loss of passion for my work had blocked my inspiration. Worse, I had a looming deadline from a publisher that I had no idea how I'd ever meet in my present state.

Josh helped me to discover why I used to love to write, the benefits of my career to myself and to my family, and to view it as not only a worthwhile a career but as a noble calling. Together we set small, manageable goals with incentives, created a workspace that encouraged creativity, eliminated distractions, and set other valuable action plans.

As we worked together, my creative juices started flowing again. I went from being unable to consistently write 50 words a day, to writing 2,000 to 3,000 words every day. Not only did I meet my deadline, but I continued to be productive with other projects including completing a challenging manuscript I started 2 years earlier but hadn't been able to finish.

If you have hit a roadblock, whether professionally or personally, or are about to embark upon a challenging new path, do yourself a favor and hire Josh. In a few short weeks, you'll be on the road to success.

Donna Hatch

Multi award-winning romance author

Working with Josh has opened my eyes to the power and possibility I have within me. Josh has helped me to re-center and discover exactly what I need to do to create success. I have noticed a shift in the way I view my work, my family, and other relationships and I’ve found greater joy in the everyday tasks I complete. If you’ve ever struggled with overwhelm, frustration, or anxiety about how to meet your goals — Josh is your man.

Rachelle J. Christensen

Award-winning author and writing consultant

Joshua Perkey has been an  amazing mentor and coach to me! I've went through a few life coaching programs in the past, but none of them has motivated me to stay on track as much, as Joshua and his Success Framework. Through the powerful tools he has provided me during his coaching sessions he has helped me to not give up by keeping on motivating me.

He has not only helped me to find my own answers, but he also suggested  creative ways that helped me to improve my environment and lifestyle to fit my needs in pursuing my goal. I can't say enough on how much having Joshua Perkey as my personal coach has made a difference in my life.

​Lilian Rea

"Josh helped me make one of the hardest decisions of my storytelling career. I was caught in a hard place, agonizing over my options. The techniques and concepts he taught me were fabulous, not only because they worked, but also because they helped me get clarity about more than writing. And Josh himself is great—super positive and fun. I think everyone could benefit from a little Josh now and again. I highly recommend him!"

John Brown

Bestselling author of The Dark God trilogy and the Frank Shaw thrillers

Joshua Perkey's mentoring is uplifting and motivating in ways unlike anything else I've ever participated in. His guidance has helped me to love myself more, create more meaningful relationships with loved ones, and to excel in my career. His program will help you soar with each avenue of your life!

Adrienne Monson

My coaching sessions with Josh have been tremendously helpful. My goals address shedding addictions. Josh helped me develop my personal success framework, which became my roadmap to success. We have worked on my ability to prayerfully invite positive energy to fill the space that was filled by harmful behaviors that were essentially killing my spirit. Change isn't overnight, but the roadmap is helping me get there. By employing a variety of tools, I am on the right path to achieve the goals that I, my friends and family, and God all want for me.

Kelsey Edwardsen

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